Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My list of amusing place names and hotels

Anu's Cottage

Arsenic and Old Lace Bed and Breakfast Inn 

Hotel Ferienhaus Fux 
America's Best Inn & Suites Gaylord http://bit.ly/SJV6Ef
BadHotel http://bit.ly/QLli0D
Black Butte Ranch Resort http://bit.ly/QLlihc
Boone’s Lick Trail Inn http://bit.ly/QLlih2
Elephant Butte Inn http://bit.ly/QLlhtt
French Lick Resort http://bit.ly/QLlhtC
Hooker's Resort http://bit.ly/QLli0I

Hotel Ass

Hotel Giraffe http://bit.ly/SuT9eH
Hotel Kuntz http://bit.ly/QLlhdb
Hotel Moron http://bit.ly/QLlhtw
Hotel Swastika http://bit.ly/QLli0F
Kandahar the Lodge http://bit.ly/QLlih8
Panda Hotel http://bit.ly/QLlhtu
Sleep Inn Horn Lake http://bit.ly/QLlhtG
Somass Motel & RV http://bit.ly/QLlhJW
Step Back Inn http://bit.ly/QLli0L
Terrible Hotel http://bit.ly/Sy1s5k
The Cock Hotel  http://bit.ly/SJV6Eg
The Stables at the Old Barn http://bit.ly/QLlhtI
The Tickle Pink Inn http://bit.ly/QLligY
Travelodge Cockermouth Hotel (UK) http://bit.ly/SJV6Ee
Truth or Consequences Comfort Inn and Suites http://bit.ly/QLlih0
U Thong Inn http://bit.ly/QLlhtE

Ufuk Butik Hotel

Visit Boring Oregon http://bit.ly/SJV6Eb
Visit the Batman province in Turkey, stay at the Bozoogullari Hotel  http://bit.ly/SJV7Im

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